I can’t believe I blanked out on Chocolate Bar.

So a few weeks ago I got together with a few friends for our monthly Board Game Night. As per the norm, our usual games were there, plus a few new ones which had be received as gifts during the holidays. One of these stated that it was a quick play and we decided that it would be our start off game. From the depths of someone’s bag there came a little blue box with the name Anomia written across the top.
Utter Hilarious Chaos ensued.

This fast paced game of symboled flash cards becomes a battle between two opponents to see who can yell out the category on the rivals card. The deck is split into a series of symbols and if matching symbols are revealed its all out war.
The random categories in the deck will cause your mind to either produce the most random of answers (the following answers actually occurred in a game of Anomia):
Category: TV Show
Answer: COSBY SHOW!!
“Did you just yell our Cosby Show? Has that even been on television in the past 15 years?”
Or You’ll completely blank out:
Category: Chocolate Bars
Answer: “ummm ahhhh ooooooo!”
Yes, thats right I blanked out on Chocolate Bars.
Warning: If you play this game with over excitable people be prepared to get a waving arm in the face or ringing in your ears from high pitched squealing due to an over load of fun.
Super quick and a ton of fun in a little box. The perfect game to get your synopsis’s firing before a long night of strategy gaming.
Check out the webpage here: Anomia


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