Frag for Mental Health!

Feeling charitable? Why not play some Starcraft 2 and help out the Mental Health Association at the same time? Like Watching Starcraft 2? Same deal! WIN WIN! Gaming, and helping a good cause!
This year, Bell Aliant and the Mental Health Association are teaming up to host, what is being called, “Frag for Mental Health”. Players, keen on Starcraft, are welcomed to join in. The tournament is open to Canadian residents only. You can register at
The event will be live streamed on February 4th and the 11th. This is the tournament itself, where you can watch others kick some butt in the Starcraft 2 world. The finals will be aired on February 18th. On the 4thand 11th at 12 p.m. EST you can log on to watch the live action, then at 8 p.m. EST you can come back to watch the highlight show, which is showcasing the best the tournament had to offer up to that point.
Then on the 18th you can watch the finals. They stream at 12 p.m. EST to watch the live action. Then at 7 p.m, it is the big finale! This is where the charity comes into play. For each person who logs in to watche the final event, Bell will donate $1 per person, up to $5,000! After they reach 5,000 viewers, they will then donate an addition $2,500!

We talk about prizes after the jump !

For those playing in the tournament there is $5,000 worth of prizes! They are allowing up to 256 players to play in the tournament. If you want to register for the tournament go to the webpage ,, and click on the register tab.
You will have to set up an account on Z33k.
This event will be hosted by Jarett Cale of Pure Pwnage

The prizes are as follows (Screen shots taken from the webpage)

Please email michael@ fragforcharity. com for any questions about eligibility or rules.
So if you feel so inclined, join in on the fun and support the Mental Health Association of Canada!

Happy Fragging!


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