Fear not Bitizens! Tiny Tower is here to save the day!

It all started off innocent enough, a friend posting on Facebook how it was the “best game ever”.
uh huh, yeah. Whatever dude.

That same night I went to a movie and like some kind of a conspiracy the two guys beside me in the rather packed theatre were playing the same game. Well now. I guess I’d just have to download it and see.
So off I go to the App store and download Tiny Tower.
Life as I know it ends.
This freemium game available on iOS and Android allows you to build a tower and be in command of Bitizens, the residents of your little community. You give them jobs, and depending on how happy they are to be working in that position, will increase your stock as well as production of products. Every Bitizen has a dream job and if you put them in that position you not only earn a discount on future production but 2 Tower Bux which you can use to upgrade your stores, elevators or a ton of other great things.
And it is so addicting I think I need to make up a new word. Its Epicting. Epic levels of addiction. 12 cups of coffee a day addicting. It probably why Apple named it The Game of the Year for iPhone in 2011

You can even check up on your bitizens on “bitbook” in the menu and see what they’re thinking. Whether they enjoy their jobs, like their roommates or have random fun thoughts.
OMG its just like real life!!
You can also check out your friends Tiny Towers and see how they are stacking up to yours.
What? you only have 43 floors? pft. I have 72.

Change the names of your stores to give yourself or a visitor some giggles. Help a few people find the floor they’re looking for by giving them a lift in the elevator, and sometimes the’ll give you a reward.
Occasionally you’ll see a VIP pop up in your lobby whom you can deliver to any floor you like. Each VIP helps you out in some way, like taking off production time, moving bitizens into apartments or buying up all your product.
Missions can be completed for Tower Bux in your menu. The missions are the only part of this game that I dislike. You have to wait for the right floors to be built in your tower. I have 72 floors and I’ve only been able to complete 2 out of the 19 available missions. So don’t expect that you’ll be cashing in on those Tower Bux anytime soon.
Overall I give this game 2 thumbs up, I love playing this game.
Almost as much as I love Lamp. 



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