Fat Dragon Games

If you are a fan of war gaming and haven’t heard of fat dragon games look them up here.

They have a great selection of low cost gaming products, some even free! The most notable of which is their downloadable PDF terrain sets designed for the beginner paper modeler. Now this great company have created many low cost and easy to make solutions for terrain and such but now they have released a game. The game is the Lost Reach starter set, the title does seem promising with room for expansion, and includes everything you need to play for $9.99 Where else can you get that. I highly suggest you check it out here and keep reading for a future review of the game.

Game contents
• 8 battle mechs and vehicles
• Vehicles can be customized with alternate markings and camouflage schemes
• 3D terrain
• 2D tiles
• Status cubes, rulers and optional equipment cards
• Beginner’s Guide to Cardstock Modeling
• Full color model instructions


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