Check out Aldershot on his YouTube Channel.

The Luckiest T-Shirt

Check out our own Dan Morton and his Magic: the Gathering Podcast.

JermEx Machina

Drop by and see Jermex on his YouTube Channel.


Go See MichaelBtheGameGenie on YouTube.

League of Legends: Plentakill the parody gurus

Are you a fan of League of Legends? Do you like parodies?
Meet Plentakill, A youtube band that remixes pop music into league of legends parody greatness.
Growing up I was always a big fan of Weird Al. Glad to see parody isn’t dead.

Here is one of my favourites, there are a bunch more over at their youtube channel

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

With great power comes great responsibility! (how could I not start with that line). Margaret Weis Productions has just released a new rule-book allowing you to immerse yourself as one of a number of popular Marvel super heroes. The Idea is that dozens of dangerous villains are sprung from the maximum security prison known as the Raft, and you have to stop them. We don’t really have much more information right now but it looks like a good ruleset to check out whether you are an avid RPG’er or just a fan of the Marvel universe. You can check it outhere at DriveThruRPG
The Rulebook Includes:

Operations Manual: Easy to learn game rules for playing characters from the Marvel Universe and playing out your favorite Marvel Blockbuster Events!
Breakout: Based on the acclaimed story arc from Brian Michael Bendis’ New Avengers, including a super villain prison break and a perilous journey to the Savage Land!
Hero Datafiles: Game play sheets for many of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes, from Captain America and Spider-Man to the X-Men and Fantastic Four!
For two to eight players, ages 13 and up. Requires game dice.


Ziggurat, a review and recommendation

Ziggurat (stylized as ZiGGURAT) is an arcade-style survival shoot-em-up for Apple’s iOS. You control a heroic looking sprite armed with a pretty sweet little plasma cannon, which allows you to blast inexorable hordes of one-eyed robo-aliens from atop your titular pyramid (yep, a ziggurat). As the game starts, there are no bones made about the fact that you are going to die. The idea is you hold out as long as you can against the increasing number of baddies coming at you from all sides, as the end of the universe looms.
Hit the jump for the review and a video.

While defending yourself against the invasion, aiming and firing your weapon is the only thing you have to worry about, and it is accomplished using a comfortably slim bar at the bottom of the screen. Swiping back and forth will aim in any direction, and holding down on the screen charges your weapon. Depending on how long you’ve held down, the shot you fire when you release the charge will increase in size. A clever mechanic causes the charge to permanently reduce to a lesser strength after a second or so, meaning that you can’t just keep charging your shots to full. Precise timing will be required to fire your most potent blasts. You’ll need to hone that timing too, because things will get hectic in a hurry if you’re slow to clear the screen of the various nogoodniks that will start to populate your airspace.
There is obviously a large dollop of retro nostalgia that will hit you as soon as you fire up the game, including 16 bit style graphics and a frantically awesome chiptune theme. There is a “classic arcade” feel here, but this game is simple only on the surface. Beneath the point and shoot exterior lies much deeper gameplay that even Ziggurat‘s most successfully addictive mobile gaming cousins sadly lack. Unlike in, say,Jetpack Joyride or Temple Run, where having luck of randomly generated worlds and powerups will enable better high score attempts, Ziggurat is all you, baby. You’ll see your score increase when you start to see the deeper strategy in taking on the all the different types of enemies, from the “red guys” (which, by the way, is the nomenclature provided to them by the game’s expansive stats rundown) who fly at you from the top of the screen, to the behemoth “big guys” who will only go down when after a fair number of direct hits. When you lose (and you will, oh you will), it will be because you weren’t fast enough, accurate enough or didn’t prioritize threats well enough.
For the money, Ziggurat is a solid experience with a lot of longevity, if shooters like this are your kind of thing. Controls are tight, the gameplay is entrancing, and it doesn’t need any of the frilly extras like bonus skins for your character or different backgrounds or other tacked on unlockables/in-app purchases. It’s simple, sure, but it has that “one more game” pull not because of a gimmick, but because of balanced, clever mechanics and the level of polish that is clearly exhibited from the moment you first start exploding those aliens.
This is the first game in a while (Super Mario 3D Land notwithstanding) that has me wanting to pull myself away from the computer and grab my portable device to get sucked back into it. It is $0.99 on the App Store, and it’s honestly a steal at that price for the number of hours you’ll get out of it. Achievements, extensive stat tracking, gameplay that is simple but nuanced, and above all, addictive fun. As far as I can tell, the game is pretty well under the radar (only 710 total players on Game Center as of time of writing), but don’t be surprised if you hear more about this game as word of mouth picks up. As for me, I’ve heard the game does in fact have an “ending” of sorts, so I’m going to see if I can hold out until the end of the world.

Assassin’s Creed in the American Revolution?

Assassin’s Creed 3 is set for release on October 30, 2012. It will feature a new setting, as well as a new protagonist. Ubisoft has stated that the game will be bigger than its previous installments. As of 15 February 2012, Ubisoft had worked on the new game for the past three years.
Just recently, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that Assassin’s Creed 3 is in the works and is headed to consoles on October 30, 2012. This will give the publisher plenty of time to drop bits of information along the way for those who will be glued to their computer screens, waiting to hear the next juicy detail (Myself included!)
The October 30th 2012 date ties in with the 2012 doomsday plot that has run throughout the Assassin’s Creed series.
Hit the jump for more detail

Desmond, and his gang,have been racing around the globe to stop a world-ending cataclysm since Assassin’s Creed 2. It seems likely that the chase will heat up going into the third installment, making the release date all the more relevant. Alexandre Amancio has confirmed that the doomsday scenario , a threat that has cast a shadow over the entire Assassin’s Creed series so far, will feature prominently in Assassin’s Creed 3.

He states : “We decided in this opus of the franchise to actually give the players a lot of the answers that they’ve sort of been thirsting for ever since AC II. A lot of things were set up with Minerva, with Juno, a lot of the details about the end of the world plotline in 2012 – as we’re getting closer and closer to the actual 2012 marker, the franchise is also concluding its major opus. So this game is sort of where we’re setting all the record straight.”

Ubisoft have said that the main focus with Revelations was to clue up Ezio’s story and set the path for the third Chapter. But you shouldn’t expect a completely new game; they say they will be improving on some aspects but keeping the style and feel you’ve come to love. While Ezio’s story has finished, to watch the final days of his life check out the short Assassin’s Creed: Embers. It’s available for purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It sums up Ezio’s life and also introduces you to a new assassin, Shao Jun from China.

With Assassin’s Creed 3, there are many speculations on what era the story will go to next. We all assume it’s going to be another of Desmond’s ancestors, but to what era? We have no idea. Ubisoft put out a survey with a few different options, seeking the input of fans to see what they prefer. Some notable time periods were the Roman Empire during Julius Caesar’s time, The Industrial Revolution set in England, and the most popular (and what seems most likely) The American Revolution. It is looking though it will be taking place around the signing of The Declaration of Independence in 1776.

I, personally, think the American Revolution could work out to be a great era in the franchise history. They have already covered the Third Crusade with Altair, and Italy and the Middle-East with Ezio. So I think a new location to the western world would be a nice change in the series. Only time will tell what location the next instalment will be offering and who our new Assassin will be. So stay tuned to NL gamer, I’ll be sure to update once I find out more juicy details.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted – Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Starbound, taking metroidvania to the heavens and beyond.

Metroidvania, it is my favourite genre of game. Allow me to give a brief summary of what makes a Metroidvania game.
If you are unfamiliar with with term, it came into existence after Castlevania: Symphony of the night for playstation. Arguably the best in the series, this Castlevania was the first to incorporate several features used in Super Metroid for the Snes.
A metroidvania game will typically feature non-linear exploration, coupled with a linear plot. Which creates the interesting effect known as sequence breaking. Which means, through clever item use, you access a part of the map before the would typically permit. There is A slow power progression from meek to marvellous. The gap between a starter character and endgame character is like a child to a god. As you gather abilities which enable further exploration or destruction. It is important for a metroidvania to feature a goal, something for the player to strive towards. This will keep the player searching for new upgrades to unlock new areas, so they can accomplish this goal.
Last year, Terraria fused metroidvania and minecraft. The result was outstanding. Now we have the next step, Starbound.
Hit the jump for all the details

I will just list the features for starters
Procedurally generated worlds, weapons, and armor. So everything is random. No two characters will have an identical experience. Worlds will have different weather, gravity, hostiles.
infinite number of worlds. The amount of places to go are limitless, each with a threat ranging from 1-100. Threat level 100 areas will always be difficult, even with the best gear.
An active story, complete with npcs and missions. Story mission areas will be pre-designed set-peices hand crafted for specific gameplay. Rescuing Npcs you find will increase your abilities, and available technology.
Monsters can be captured and then trained. So each person can bring a personal monster party member adventuring with them.
The multiplayer will have all the functionality of the single player along with pvp, but there will be asteroid arenas for organized PVP.
Vehicles, Mechs and hoverbikes already confirmed. Bossfights as well.
Oh, and all the building/destroying that minecraft and terraria offer + y’know…. Orbital strikes
Plus so much more. When is the release date you ask? They say this summer! But it isn’t set in stone.
Have a gander at these awesome screenshots


Fat Dragon Games

If you are a fan of war gaming and haven’t heard of fat dragon games look them up here.

They have a great selection of low cost gaming products, some even free! The most notable of which is their downloadable PDF terrain sets designed for the beginner paper modeler. Now this great company have created many low cost and easy to make solutions for terrain and such but now they have released a game. The game is the Lost Reach starter set, the title does seem promising with room for expansion, and includes everything you need to play for $9.99 Where else can you get that. I highly suggest you check it out here and keep reading for a future review of the game.

Game contents
• 8 battle mechs and vehicles
• Vehicles can be customized with alternate markings and camouflage schemes
• 3D terrain
• 2D tiles
• Status cubes, rulers and optional equipment cards
• Beginner’s Guide to Cardstock Modeling
• Full color model instructions


So many of you may remember a good while ago, Mantic games released a dungeon crawler board game called Dwarf King’s Hold. Since the success of that game they decided to do a Sci-Fi version to coincide with their new sci-fi tabletop game. The game Project Pandora: Grim Cargo pits the Corporation against an 8th Race (still a mystery at this point), who have boarded a Corporation Starship and attempt to steal the cargo that the corporation will protect at any cost.
One of the great things about the game is that it is written by the author of the Dwarf King’s Hold series, which got great reviews from its fans and even sold out on release. It includes 20 highly detailed plastic miniatures, stunning new artwork depicting the starship and action counters, and the Grim Cargo rulebook, featuring a host of fast paced and easy to learn rules that will lead to some incredibly tense games I suggest you check it out Here.

Live stream with TheAgain+

Enjoy League of Legends? How about checking out our stream of Skills and Fails? Monday, Feb 13at 4:30pm EST. TheAgain, along with JermEX, and Netzach will be playing League and live streaming Twitch Tv! So come watch, join in the viewer conversation, and we might even get viewers involved for some games!

HERO, The Terraria master + Crazy Terraria-Skyrim lightshow.

Hiya folks, first I am showcasing one of my favourite youtubers. He covers minecraft, terraria, and Zelda skyward sword. He has a cool terraria video of him fighting all the hardmode bosses, while dodging the instagibbing dungeon guardian. This guy covers pretty much EVERYTHING in terraria, and he has a great attitude. Also, the music was made by one of his friends and it rocks hard.

I saw this video yesterday, and it really impressed me. Someone did a terraria video for the skyrim trailer song.

Tim Schafer wanted $400,000 in 32 days. He got more than 1 Million in 24 hours.

This right here is what makes me proud to be a gamer. The fans have spoken with their money, Tim Schafer’s adventure games shall continue!

For those of you not familiar with Tim Schafer games, hit the jump for some videos!

I grew up on Tim Schafer games. Day of the tentacle, Grim Fandango, and Monkey island were my bread butter and cheese. This was before Instant messaging became big, so we hadn’t discovered LOL yet, but laugh out loud? I certainly did. Then I grew up, and Tim released psychonauts a fantastic platforming adventure. The story was just as fresh as I would expect from Tim. Then, Brutal Legend, a game confused in it’s elements. Adventure? RTS? Zelda-esque? All these things and more, it was still great.
Here is Tim’s life story of how he got into the industry

And here is The story of his creations!

Pathfinder Online in Development

After the release of Dungeons and Dragons 4E many still wanted to stay with the 3.5 rules. Since Wizards of the Coast had released a version of these rules under the Open Gaming License (OGL), many companies decided to release their own games using the OGL. Pathfinder is one of the most, if not the most, popular of what I think of as the DnD 3.5 forks (like a fork in a piece of software). The rules are essentially the same as DnD 3.5 with some changes and additions. The class system has been reworked to allow greater customization. Now the company has licensed the Pathfinder brand to a company called Goblinworks to produce a Pathfinder MMORPG (More Here). The game will use the pathfinder name, attributes (same as DnD), core classes, and setting. The company has given quite a bit of detail on their plans for the MMORPG. I will summarize the highlights here.
Character stats and development differ considerably from those outlined in the Pathfinder pen and paper game. This has led some to question whether Pathfinder Online, is really Pathfinder. Or Has it just appropriated the name and setting? My question would be: Does it matter if the game is fun? Additionally, I do think a lot of the same abilities and terms will show up in the Online game, even if character development differs. To summarize, characters will be made up of 4 factors: Attributes, Skills, Merit Badges, and Abilities. I’ll describe each of those components as revealed so far below.
Attributes are essentially the same deal as in the pen and paper game, however here there is a saving throw for each attribute rather than just Will, Reflex, and Fortitude. Really though, other types of saving throws do exist in Pathfinder, they just aren’t on your character sheet. This is because these other saving throws are more rare and only used against certain monsters. I’m not sure if every attribute has some type of saving throw, since its been a while since I read the rules. However, I wouldn’t be surprised. Higher attribute levels also decrease the amount of training required to increase the level of skills it is associated with.
The skills system is meant to be similar to that used in Eve Online, and characters will advance in real-time. Basically, you chose which skill you want to train and that skill will train even when you are not online. I guess it assumes that your character will still be doing things even when you aren’t around. He’s just not going on adventures. So if you start playing with your buddies they will not be way ahead of you if you have to take a break for something in real life (heaven forbid …). To me it also lends a feel of continuity, your character doesn’t cease to exist just because you haven’t had the time to play for a month. The weird thing about skills here, compared to Eve Online, is that they don’t actually do anything. Skill levels instead act as prerequisites for Merit Badges and Abilities.
Merit Badges and Abilities
OK so skills do nothing in the game, and doing things in the game doesn’t give you skills. So what do you get for doing things in-game? You get Merit Badges, assuming you also have the prerequisite skill levels. And what do Merit Badges get you, Abilities. Abilities are roughly equivalent to Feats and Class Abilities in the pen and paper game. Class Levels will be a type of Merit Badge, to be received when certain requirements are met. Basically, if your character does things a member of a specific class would do, and levels up skills that class requires you gain a level in that class. So if you steal things, and increase abilities like pick pocket you will gain Rogue levels. Each of the classes in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook will be represented: Barbarians, Bards, Clerics, Druids, Fighters, Monks, Paladins, Rangers, Rogues and Sorcerors.
The World
The info already presented makes a big deal about how the MMORPG will differentiate itself from World of Warcraft by having a sandbox world, rather than a Theme Park world. Whats the difference? In a theme park world there’s lots of stuff there for your character to do in the form of quests. In a sandbox world its more free form, and events are driven primarily by player interactions. In a theme park you can have little lasting effect on the world, while in a sandbox you can build the world. On the topic of building, such games often have complex crafting systems, that allow to create various items from raw materials. It is unclear if this will be a focus in Pathfinder Online, but given the direction they are taking it seems likely. Additionally, Goblinworks has stated that there will be a lot for players not interested in combat to do, so you would imagine they would have jobs of some kind. It is possible that crafting will be one activity for these players. In terms of development, a sandbox game has the advantage of requiring less work on the part of the developers. In terms of cost to the players, less intensive development may translate into lower cost of the game. There is also the disadvantage that players might feel they have nothing to do. It has been stated that there will be some theme park elements, so perhaps that will be enough to occupy such people. However, I can’t help but feel those players would be better off just playing World of Warcraft.
So far I’m in. It sounds like the current game design will decrease the level of grinding required, and allow you to just get together once in a while and play with your friends. It seems that’s what its all about focusing on interacting with other people, building a world and going on adventures. That is what has always appealed to me about pen and paper RPGs. Therefore, despite not using the same system as the Pathfinder pen and paper game the spirit is very much maintained. This assumes you aren’t a “munchkin” of course.

Welcome to the world of Midgard Gaming!

It is located in the Pipers complex on Commonwealth Ave In Mt. Pearl, NL, Canada. Midgard Gaming is a facility where gamers of all ages can get together and LAN (Sounds great compared to squatting 15 people, Plus monitors/TV’s and gaming consoles into someone’s basement or living room, especially because it’s usually my living room lol). They offer PC, XBOX, PS3, Wii, Magic the Gathering, Etc.
You can check out their website at or their Facebook page at for more information.
I asked the founder and owner, Roxanna, a few questions to get some basic info on the company and what it is they have to offer.
We are opened every day! Except for some Holidays!Mon- Thurs 3pm -12amFriday- 3pm-2am ,Sat- 12pm- 2amSun-12pm-10pm
Hit the jump for the interview!

Here is our chat:
What was your inspiration for Midgard Gaming?
Roxanna: Midgard was a name I picked out several years ago for the gaming center, I had thought about the idea of owning a gaming center for about 10 years. Big Lord of the rings fan and wanted some LOTR influence. The term Midgard is Norse mythology meaning, The world of humans formed from the body of the giant Ymir. If you notice the logo I chose is a Midgard Serpent, it forms a circle looking like the one ring from LOTR, also the lettering was done to look somewhat like elvish writing.

How long did it take you to get your business off the ground?
Roxanna: We had the idea for a while, with a rough draft business plan on what we wanted. We were lucky to find a suitable place within a month of looking! It took a few months to get the business up and running. The computers are custom built with the ultimate gaming experience in mind. Some parts had to be ordered from elsewhere, and the special gaming chairs we provide are from the United States.

How long have you been operating and what are the services do you offer?
Roxanna: We opened our doors November 12, 2011 ! The services we offer are as follows: Ultimate in gaming experience from custom built computers, to Xbox and Playstation 3. We are currently working on a Theme room that offers a Big Screen with muti-player games using PS3 and Wii. We host birthday parties for kids (or adults), Magic The Gathering tournments , local and international gaming tournments between other lan centers with big sponsors such as Nivida. We sell special gamer grub that you can’t find elsewhere. Gaming t-shirs from all sorts of popular games, from youth to Adults. We sell magic the Gathering cards, and looking into selling comics as well.
What games are mostly played at Midgard Gaming?
Roxanna: Games are that mostly played are; minecraft, Star Wars The Old Republic, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Need for Speed, Starcraft 2, Battlefield 3! It varies as new games come out.

What age ranges generally come to your shop?
Roxanna: We do get ages from 8 years old up to 50 years of age that come and play. However the most age ranges we see from are 13 years up to 30 years.
Do you allow children under a specific age to play? and do they have to be under parental watch?

Roxanna: If Kids are under 13 years of age they do require an adult over 18 to be present. We also have parental forms that need to be filled out in order to play specific games such as M rated games.
How much does it cost to use your facility?
Roxanna: Regular Membership is FREE! All game play at Midgard Gaming is priced on the hours that you play. Purchased game time will never expire. So if you purchase 4 hours today, and play for just 1 hour and 18 minutes, then the next time you come in to Midgard Gaming you will still have 2 hours and 42 minutes of game time on your account. Special passes, when available, do not carry forward and cannot be combined with other offers.
Regular membership (FREE) /VIG membership
One Hour: $3.99 $3.49
Four Hours: $14.99 $12.99
Ten Hours: $34.99 $29.99

Day pass (Sunday-Thursday) $19.99 $14.99
Day pass (Friday-Saturday) $24.99 $19.99

VIG Membership
Save money on every visit by joining our VIG (Very Important Gamer) membership level. The cost for joining is $25 and after that it is only $10 per month to maintain your membership. VIG membership gives you:
Lower rates
3 hours of game time when you sign up
Free Midgard Gaming t-shirt when you sign up
Earn 3 hours of game time by referring a friend who joins the VIG membership level.
Invitations to “VIG only” events.
Preferential access to limited capacity events.

Is there any competition in the area for you?
Roxanna: We are the only LAN center in all of Newfoundland.
Do you offer special events? Like game launch events or other special offers?
Roxanna: Before we opened our doors to the public, We had a special testing event. Gamers came in to test the systems for free and give feedback, it was a 24 hour event. Before Christmas, we had a Battlefield 3 gamers event. Midgard was chosen to host this event internationally with our sponsor being Nivida. 8 Teams worldwide played and Midgard Battlefield 3 Team placed 4th.
We also do charity events, last Sunday we hosted a Charity event for The Children Wish Foundation, local gamers competed in Starcraft 2, it was a big hit. We are looking into more events both local and international to compete in.

We will have launch parties for new releases. We’re currently setting up a Magic the Gathering tournament stating in a few weeks. This weekend we are having a “show off” of your Star wars the old republic character for chances to win star wars merchandise and meet other SWTOR players.
We also have magic Mondays, purchase magic cards tax free. Team up Tuesdays bring a friend to have the clock ticking at half- speed.

You offer Magic the Gathering tournaments. Do you offer other table top games? Such as War Hammer or Dungeons and Dragons, Etc.
Roxanna: Presently, we don’t offer other table top games but we re always open for suggestions.

What advertising do you do besides Facebook?
Roxanna: local newspapers, our website, twitter.

Rift Lite! What does it Mean?

OK so I just received an email from Rift developer Trion Worlds Inc. informing me that they have officially released a Lite version for free. What does this mean for us?
Well we pretty well get the same thing offered by Blizzard’s World of Warcraft a few months back which is the ability to play a character to level 20 with a small twist, Rift has no restrictions. That’s right, unlike the limited world explore and other limitations in WoW Rift says it has none. Now I am sure there will be limits reached when traveling to zones higher than level 20 but that would be expected. Now onto the only question I have. Is this just the first step before becoming free to play?
I am a huge fan of MMORPG’s but, due to the lack of time I have to play them, it seems like a waste to pay a monthly fee. That being said, I know its not much money and I know how affordable it is. I just don’t like paying for something then not playing it for three months. Now when Rift was in Beta I actually played it a fair bit and thought it was a great game. The amount of time I invested resulted in a conversation with a few friends about our views on subscriptions. We all hoped it would eventually turn free to play. So here’s hoping that the game does go free to play/pay to be awesome, but till then i will enjoy the first 20 levels again.

Want To Improve Your StarCraft 2 Skills? Well Look No Further!

Do you play StarCraft 2? Need help with those over-running Zergs? Getting owned by Terran Banshees early game? Are those pesky Protoss Void Rays wrecking your day? Or do you just want to be a better StarCraft 2 player? If you answered yes to any of these questions then let Day[9] help you!

Sean Plott, also known as Day[9] to the e-sports community, is a former professional StarCraft: BroodWar player that has migrated to the StarCraft 2 world and brought along his amazing ability of picking apart strategies and showing players how to be better at StarCraft 2. You may be thinking “why should I listen to this guy?” Well lets look at his credentials.
[Taken from the Wiki] Day[9] has qualified for the World Cyber Games in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and won the 2007 Pan-American tournament. He qualified for the American finals three times, and was recognized as the PC Gamer gamer of the year in 2010. On top of that he appears regularly as a StarCrat 2 commentator for major tournaments around the world, including Blizzcon, Major League Gaming professional circuit, the Dreamhack and the Team Liquid Star League, and now he hosts his own online TV show called the “Day[9] Daily.” So what I’m trying to say is this guy knows his StarCraft.

 So lets talk about his show, “The Day[9] Daily.” The show airs live 7pm PST Sunday – Thursday (that’s 11:30pm for us in Newfoundland), and runs for about an hour an episode. You can see it here. Currently there are over 400 episodes. In these episodes or “Dailys,” Day[9] breaks down the gameplay of pro StarCraft 2 players into easy to understand fundamentals of good gameplay and over arching strategies to help you become a better gamer. In fact, the slogan of the show is “The Day[9] Daily, where we learn to be a better gamer.” He will talk about proper build orders, how to handle pressure, how to setup your hotkeys, and more in depth ideas like where to place you buildings for best defense or to constrict map movement for your opponent. The show is also very entertaining, full of jokes, blunders and hilarious epic fails.
It’s also viewer interactive. If your watching the Daily live you have the option of participating in the chat. Sometimes Day[9] will take polls from the chat on what topics they want to go over and even answers questions on his in-depth analysis of the current Daily. There is also a optional subscription service to help support the show. The subscription is 100% optional and does not hinder you from watching the show if you choose not to subscribe. If you do choose to subscribe (again 100% optional) you have the chance of playing Starcraft 2 on the show live with Day[9] in some sort of subscriber event. Usually these eventsinvolve Day[9] putting a fun constriction on the gameplay (Like only building one unit for the entire game.)

Another great addition to the site is the “Video Archive.” This is where all the episodes are stored. So if you miss an episode or missed a topic you wanted advice on, you can still watch it from the Video Archive.

So go check out and “learn to be a better gamer.” And if you like it consider supporting it by subscribing to the Daily.

Fear not Bitizens! Tiny Tower is here to save the day!

It all started off innocent enough, a friend posting on Facebook how it was the “best game ever”.
uh huh, yeah. Whatever dude.

That same night I went to a movie and like some kind of a conspiracy the two guys beside me in the rather packed theatre were playing the same game. Well now. I guess I’d just have to download it and see.
So off I go to the App store and download Tiny Tower.
Life as I know it ends.
This freemium game available on iOS and Android allows you to build a tower and be in command of Bitizens, the residents of your little community. You give them jobs, and depending on how happy they are to be working in that position, will increase your stock as well as production of products. Every Bitizen has a dream job and if you put them in that position you not only earn a discount on future production but 2 Tower Bux which you can use to upgrade your stores, elevators or a ton of other great things.
And it is so addicting I think I need to make up a new word. Its Epicting. Epic levels of addiction. 12 cups of coffee a day addicting. It probably why Apple named it The Game of the Year for iPhone in 2011

You can even check up on your bitizens on “bitbook” in the menu and see what they’re thinking. Whether they enjoy their jobs, like their roommates or have random fun thoughts.
OMG its just like real life!!
You can also check out your friends Tiny Towers and see how they are stacking up to yours.
What? you only have 43 floors? pft. I have 72.

Change the names of your stores to give yourself or a visitor some giggles. Help a few people find the floor they’re looking for by giving them a lift in the elevator, and sometimes the’ll give you a reward.
Occasionally you’ll see a VIP pop up in your lobby whom you can deliver to any floor you like. Each VIP helps you out in some way, like taking off production time, moving bitizens into apartments or buying up all your product.
Missions can be completed for Tower Bux in your menu. The missions are the only part of this game that I dislike. You have to wait for the right floors to be built in your tower. I have 72 floors and I’ve only been able to complete 2 out of the 19 available missions. So don’t expect that you’ll be cashing in on those Tower Bux anytime soon.
Overall I give this game 2 thumbs up, I love playing this game.
Almost as much as I love Lamp. 


Magic: the Gathering – Introduction and Top 5 Cards of Dark Ascension

Hello everyone, MarquisMark here. I’ve been asked to write for this promising young blog, so over the next while I’ll be bringing you some highlights from the wide world of Magic: the Gathering. This will mean reviews and insight about new sets, cards, and decks but also, ideally, I’ll be able to post news and updates as it relates to Magic on the local level.
I’ll also hopefully be bringing some news and reviews about games and gaming generally as well.
Introductions complete, I now have some “dark” business to discuss: the newest Magic expansion and second set of the Innistrad block, Dark Ascension, which was released on Friday. I’ve included a synopsis to bring newcomers to the terrifying world of Innistrad up to speed, and then I have compiled a list of my top five cards from Dark Ascension. Feel free to skip the intro if you’re already familiar with Innistrad and its monstrous denizens.

The newest expansion to the continually growing universe of Magic: the Gathering, Innistrad is a horror-themed world filled with spirits, zombies, vampires, werewolves, and the humans terrorized by these creatures of the night. From a flavour perspective, this means the set contains familiar horror tropes, such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Invisible Man, and that angry mob of townsfolk wielding torches and pitchforks, which have been adapted into new cards with interesting new gameplay elements. What is particularly noteworthy about Innistrad is that it is the first Magic set to contain double-faced cards. These are cards with no traditional Magic back, but instead with two faces representing different game states of the same card. When a certain gameplay condition is reached, these cards flip over to represent a transformation from one state to the other. The most common type of double-faced card, and perhaps the easiest to explain, is werewolf creature cards. These cards featured human creatures that could transform into tougher, more powerful werewolf creatures.
There was a lot of initial controversy when the double-sided cards were first announced, as concerns arose about how they would be integrated into sanctioned tournament play, and whether the mechanic would prove cumbersome and obnoxious, even during casual play. These complaints died down shortly after the set was released, as Wizards of the Coast implemented measures to ease the transition into a world with double-faced cards, and it seemed as though flipping cards was ultimately more fun for players than a bother for them.
Other mechanics found in Innistrad include the keyword “morbid”, which gives a card a more potent effect if it is played following a creature dying on a given turn, and as well the return of the keyword “flashback”, originally found in the Odyssey expansion, which allows instant and sorcery spells to be cast from the graveyard for their flashback costs.
Dark Ascension brings even more horror to the world of Innistrad. A smaller expansion containing 158 cards, Dark Ascension introduces some new mechanics and abilities, including the “fateful hour” mechanic which gives a bonus to creatures or spells where the player casting them has 5 or less life, and the seemingly tournament worthy keyword ability “undying”, which allows a creature that is killed to immediately return to play with an additional +1/+1 counter on it, provided it did not have such a counter on it when it died.
Initial impressions seem to indicate that some of the stronger undying cards will be Constructed playable, as all of a sudden the familiar complaint of “it dies to [insert removal spell]” no longer seems to apply.
So without further adieu, let’s have a look at what I feel are the top five new cards from Dark Ascension. Opinions throughout the Magic community will likely differ on what cards will mean the most for a given tournament or casual format, but I feel these cards are representative of the best this new set has to offer. With that disclaimer in mind, onto the cards!

5.) Faithless Looting

It is strange to think that what might be the best card drawing spell in Standard isn’t blue, but it’s stranger still that it would be found amongst the red cards of Dark Ascension. While first glancing at Faithless Looting you might think that having to discard two cards means that Faithless Looting really doesn’t put you that far ahead of your opponent. However, not only does this card let you sculpt what your hand looks like early, it also helps you put some worthwhile cards into your graveyard. With reanimation strategies abound, it wouldn’t hurt to dump a couple of big creatures into the ‘yard for you so you can then raise them from the dead much earlier than you could ever cast them. Chucking a few flashback cards isn’t bad either. Oh, and speaking of flashback, there’s certainly nothing wrong with being able faithlessly loot again two turns later. Along with its Innistrad cousin Desperate Ravings, this card lets red mages to do a lot more than just burn your face off.

4.) Gravecrawler

Gravecrawler has been touted as the card that was needed to make a dedicated zombie deck a reality. Thematically, the fact that this guy just keeps coming back as long as he’s got a zombie pal in play is flavourful as hell. From a gameplay perspective, this guy will keep coming back for more. He is also another example of a card you don’t mind discarding from Faithless Looting, or to fuel Zombie Infestation. With Secrets of the Dead in play, playing Gravecrawler out of the yard makes him a one mana card draw spell that also puts a 2/1 creature in play. This card seems like an ideal brother to Diregraf Ghoul and fellow Dark Ascension rare Geralf’s Messenger in a mono-black zombie aggro deck, but don’t be surprised if some cunning blue mages put him to work to do some broken things as well.

3.) Huntmaster of the Fells / Ravager of the Fells

 Is Huntmaster of the Fells the card that pushes a dedicated werewolf deck into some form of playability? Maybe. But even outside of the tribal possibilities, this guy can and will be a beating. Four mana for four power worth of creatures is good, and gaining a couple points of life isn’t shabby, but when this guy transforms into Ravager of the Fells all of a sudden you’ve got a 4/4 trampler, you’ve still got your 2/2 wolf, and you basically get the equivalent of a couple of free burn spells, all at a more than respectable cost. It’s hard to deal with this creature because even getting him to transform back just means another wolf and two life. On his own this is pretty good, but in some kind of red/green aggressive deck, it really puts pressure on your opponent in the mid/late game. As for the early game…

2.) Strangleroot Geist

This. Guy. Beats. Down. Probably my favourite card in the set, Strangleroot Geist is a 100% purebred aggro juggernaut, and a great example of how powerful the undying mechanic really is. It dodges almost every kind of removal, and when it does get taken out it bites back for 3 immediately. Combined with haste, it will be very hard for your opponents to keep you from attacking their life totals very very quickly. Undying will also make this card popular in Birthing Pod decks; when you sacrifice it to get yourself a three drop, it sticks around and gets better besides. Most likely, though, you will see this card played in decks with plenty of Forests, along with Dungrove Elder, Thrun, or even the new Dark Ascension mythic rare Vorapede (also with undying!) where the plan will be to crush you under the weight of big, bad green guys.

1.) Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

Ah yes, what would a new set be without its signature chase rare planeswalker. Sorin is currently going for around $50-60, but whether it is actually worth that kind of coin is not quite clear. What is clear about this Lord of Innistrad is that he is a planeswalker crying for a home in a white/black tokens deck along with new flying spirit generator Lingering Souls (which deserves an honourable mention for top cards in the set by making four 1/1 fliers for a total of 5 mana). Sorin’s +1 ability allows him to defend himself by making a little 1/1 vampire friend to protect him, but his true value lies, arguably, in the creation of permanent +1/+0 anthem effects with his -2 emblem ability. The fact that this power bonus cannot ever be removed regardless of what happens to Sorin himself makes it quite powerful for decks that want to get in with a large amount of token creatures. His ultimate isn’t anything to sneeze at either.
There is a concern that the new Sorin, like a certain overpowered blue planeswalker before him, will carry a ridiculously high price tag long after his release. As mythic rares like Sorin only appear in one of every eight or so packs, they are much rarer than normal Dark Ascension rares. Because there is only one pack of Dark Ascension in Innistrad draft, along with the fact that the final set in Innistrad block, Avacyn Restored, will have its own limited format, there will not be a lot of Dark Ascension packs getting cracked, and as such there won’t be too many copies of Sorin floating around, even months from now. Supply and demand would dictate that if it is seeing a lot of Constructed play, a mythic rare will stay high in cost. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Lord of Innistrad is going to wreak as much havoc as that jerk of a Mind Sculptor did last year, and as such, his cost will hopefully decrease for those of us wanting to give that white/black tokens idea a spin without having to break the bank.
As the set was only officially released Friday past, it remains to be seen how these and other cards from Dark Ascension will affect tournament play, but results from the Star City Games Open in Richmond, Virginia this weekend will be a helpful early indicator, as well as at the Pro Tour event in Honolulu next weekend, where some of the greatest deckbuilders and players will be on hand attempting to break the Standard format and claim some of the thousands of dollars in prize money.
Live coverage of the Pro Tour will be extensive and will start next Friday, so if you are so inclined head over to Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: the Gathering page here and check out the action for yourself.

The Backlog Challenge: Call of Duty Black Ops

In my previous post I talked about that little problem that I had with not finishing video games. Well, I figured that I would challenge myself to stop this nasty habit. So as of February 2012, I will be attempting to finish my backlog of video games. I will not start or buy any new games, but instead finish as many of my “older” games as possible. I will also blog about my progress as I go. That way I will end up telling on myself when I begin to slip, or at least tell about my triumphs.

First on the backlog chopping block: Call of Duty: Black Ops. Why Black Ops? To begin with, I believe this will be the easiest game to finish. I am over half way done, and without the attachment I have to the characters that I have with RPG’s I will have no issue with finishing it. (Though I did have a WTF moment during the death of Ghost in MW2.) I will let you know that I am completing this game on hard mode, and I am on still my first run through. I am currently doing the Rebirth mission from Hudson’s perspective. Let’s see how this goes.
Is there anyone else out there that is willing to accept the challenge?

The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time : Minecraft!

So I came across this awesome project which I think every fan of either Minecraft or Zelda should check out, its Hyrulecraft. This project by BennyG of is a 90% finished, 1:1 scale replica of the map from legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. So that’s not cool enough for you? just to have the map?
Well, the project is also creating a game server which when complete will include quests, classes, experience, leveling and a very MMO feel. The scheduled release of the full server is supposed to be Fall 2012 and we hope the community support will help make that come true.
If this is something you would like to support the project also has a ChipIn where they accept donations to aid in the server development.

Minecraft Forum

Frag for Mental Health!

Feeling charitable? Why not play some Starcraft 2 and help out the Mental Health Association at the same time? Like Watching Starcraft 2? Same deal! WIN WIN! Gaming, and helping a good cause!
This year, Bell Aliant and the Mental Health Association are teaming up to host, what is being called, “Frag for Mental Health”. Players, keen on Starcraft, are welcomed to join in. The tournament is open to Canadian residents only. You can register at
The event will be live streamed on February 4th and the 11th. This is the tournament itself, where you can watch others kick some butt in the Starcraft 2 world. The finals will be aired on February 18th. On the 4thand 11th at 12 p.m. EST you can log on to watch the live action, then at 8 p.m. EST you can come back to watch the highlight show, which is showcasing the best the tournament had to offer up to that point.
Then on the 18th you can watch the finals. They stream at 12 p.m. EST to watch the live action. Then at 7 p.m, it is the big finale! This is where the charity comes into play. For each person who logs in to watche the final event, Bell will donate $1 per person, up to $5,000! After they reach 5,000 viewers, they will then donate an addition $2,500!

We talk about prizes after the jump !

For those playing in the tournament there is $5,000 worth of prizes! They are allowing up to 256 players to play in the tournament. If you want to register for the tournament go to the webpage ,, and click on the register tab.
You will have to set up an account on Z33k.
This event will be hosted by Jarett Cale of Pure Pwnage

The prizes are as follows (Screen shots taken from the webpage)

Please email michael@ fragforcharity. com for any questions about eligibility or rules.
So if you feel so inclined, join in on the fun and support the Mental Health Association of Canada!

Happy Fragging!