Very ambitious skyrim mod in the making, PvP and Co-op on the horizon.

There is a skyrim mod in the works that will make many dreams come true, multiplayer skyrim.
I’m going to link the main page and paraphrase the wiki a bit.
This is what they aim to deliver.
  • Craftable/placeable Furniture
  • Custom weapons, spells
  • More skills and perks
  • More world interaction with variable consequences
  • Multiplayer (Freeworld, Co-Op and Arena)
  • More mounts, dragons and elk
  • Increased population, including quest npcs
  • Additional menu options
It is still very early in development. Since they started in November 25 to their latest update in December 23 they have updated it over 20 times, with varying degrees of content. Keeps yours eyes on this one folks.


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