Settlers of Catan: Cities and knights.

A friend bought my girlfriend and I settlers of Catan for christmas. My family had such a roaring good time, I went right out and bought an expansion. I’ll talk a little about it after the jump.

For anyone unfamiliar with Catan, it is a game where you trade resources to build settlements and most things will give you points towards winning.
The cities and knights expansion adds an entirely new level of depth to the game. You can choose to grow your city rather than expanding and building more settlements. This makes the game much longer, but also much more engrossing.
There is a barbarian horde that repeatedly assault the island of Catan, so players must contribute knights to fight them off. If the barbarians are stronger than all the knights combined, the player with the fewest knights gets a city demolished into a settlement. This is especially crippling because you need cities to upgrade your technology.
On top of fighting the barbarians, the knights are used to fight off opponents knights, secure your roads, and chase away the robber (who chokes your resources)
If you are a Catan player and desire an added level of depth, check this out
If you are not a Catan player, Check out the original Catan first. This one may be too intense for new players.


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