King Arthur’s Gold

Hear ye, hear ye
Gather round and hear the tale of King Arthur’s Gold.
It is a free-to-play game currently in its alpha stage of development. The plan is to release a full version with many more features and customization options, while still offering the basic gameplay for free.
The game is part Minecraft, part Team Fortress, and part Lost Vikings (if anyone remembers that one :D )
There are three classes to play, and you can switch between them by visiting your base.
There is the knight. The bomb wielding melee fighter. These guys have a shield that can block pretty much everything. They can use it to glide when jumping from structures. You can use it to crush people you land on. You can even throw a bomb and jump on it with your shield to bomb jump your way over huge walls (if you can stick the landing that is :D )
There is the archer, quick and agile. These guys have immense range with their arrows. You can volley them up to bring them straight down on enemies as well. They can climb trees to hide, and even lay prone in grass or among bodies. They can use any arrows fired into a wall like a ladder, making these the ninjas of the group.
And then, there is the backbone of the army, the builder. Their purpose is to Collects the materials to build the walls of your fort, make the traps protecting the base, and enable the rest of your army to invade by supplying them ladders and fortifications. Making catapults and tunnels is also their domain.
The game supports HUGE battles of 40+ players, this really adds to the feeling of an immense battle, won through many small victories.
There are currently some bugs and issues, as it is still an alpha release. They are on build 280-something now, and always improving more.
The future plans for the game include new classes, weapons, items, building options, day/night cycles, zombies, and even a persistent world where you can roam an over-world looking for adventure or companions.
This is definitely a game to try out and keep and eye on.
Check out more for a couple of showcase videos

If you are interested in Speaking with the Dev team, or the big players in the community, check out their IRC!


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