Indiana Jones? Meet Guy Dangerous

Not one to stick around at home much, I’m a big fan of being able to play games on the go. It all started with my very first Nintendo Gameboy, and by my Gameboy I mean my older brother’s, giant grey beast of a hand held. Black and white and heavy as hell. It was love at first game.
Fast forward about 20 years and now I’m on the go playing games on my iPod Touch. My new obsession? A little game called Temple Run.

Temple Run is a free iOS game, however fear not Android fans! They’ve just announced an android release for February 2012. Its a fast paced pick up and play adventure game, which depending on how fast your reflexes are could last anywhere from a couple of seconds to a several minutes.
The goal of this game is to guide Guy Dangerous through a maze of booby traps, whist trying to escape the carnivorous mutant skeleton monkey beasts (I honestly have no idea what these things are supposed to be). Basically you’re running for your life and trying not die a horrible horrible death. If you trip the monkeys eat you, if you fall off a cliff….well you can guess.
Spoiler: If you play this game, you’re going to die a horrible death. Many, many times.
The game controls are all touch screen. Tilt to collect coins then swipe to the left or right to turn a corner, swipe up to jump etc. Easy Peesy. You just have to be fast enough to keep up.
So what makes it fun? Its the competition of course. Not only are you continuously

trying to one up yourself, but you’re also trying to outrun your friends too. While playing the game you can actually see when you’ve passed your own or a friend’s high score.
The game to monotonous for you? Hardly. Every time you die the maze changes, so around every new corner is a surprise just waiting to get you.
You can also collect coins to buy power ups such as invincibility which last for a set amount of time and use coins to increase the value of future coins in the game. You can even use them to unlock new characters.
Be careful not to get too distracted while picking up those coins though or you might trip over a wall and get eaten by an alligator. 


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