Kickstarter – They Became Flesh

They Became Flesh is a game were players take on the role of fallen angels. The basic story is that God kicks Lucifer and 1/3 of all angels out of heaven for questioning him. Lucifer can’t understand why God created the tree of knowledge of good and evil simply to test man. God is not impressed, and responds that through obedience man can show his love. Then God casts man out of the the garden, leading Lucifer to question him again. God casts Lucifer and his followers out of heaven in response. I think the important thing here is that really its not that the fallen angels are evil, its simply that they had to audacity to challenge God. Who knows? Maybe they were right to do so. As far as game mechanics go, the game claims to use two gamemasters. One represents mankind and one represents God. How exactly this works is unclear. I would have liked a few more details.
Right now this kickstarter project only has about 2.5 days left to go. They have received all the funding they were aiming for. However, if you are interested, its worthwhile to give them a little more money. You only need to pledge 5$ to get a pdf of the rules.
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