Kickstarter + Quantum RPG

What is Kickstarter?

I recently discovered an interesting site called “kickstarter“. If you aren’t familiar with the site the basic idea is that you can apply to post your project to the site, asking others to send funds to support your project. In return the sponsors are promised something in return. This varies by project, and really there are a wide range of different types of projects on kickstarter so it is not really surprising. Of course we are mainly interested in games. There are a few rpg projects currently on kickstarter right now. Generally, the idea is that if you give X amount of dollars, you will receive a copy of the game that you helped fund. You can get other things depending on how much you contribute. I think this is a great idea, and I want to support it. Therefore, I’m going to keep track of any games posted on kickstarter and let you all know about them. First up is Quantum RPG!

Quantum RPG

This game has an interesting premise. Basically, the idea is that there is a super advanced civilization living within a Dyson sphere. A Dyson sphere is a hollow sphere with a sun in the center. On the inner surface of the sphere there is essentially an entire world kept alive by this inner sun (see pic above). Simple enough for a sci-fi setting. But then the inhabitants find a new source of power, which verges on the magical. Unfortunately, this power is somehow linked to dark forces from beyond space and time. Very Lovecraftian. Cue tentacle monsters? This discovery plunges the civilization into a dark age, during which most of their technology is lost. At the time the game is set technology is approximately at the medieval level. So we are dealing with a Dungeons and Dragons type setting, but with a lost history of super science. The races available are: Human, Azi Progenitor (Snake-People), Mutant Reaver, and Automaton. The mutants are offspring of humans mutated by the mysterious energy source called “Prime”. The mutants remind me a little (ok a lot) of Warhammer Fantasy’s mutants, which have been mutated by the magical energies of Chaos. The automatons are leftovers from the lost age of super science, and are one of the more unique features of the setting. Hopefully, they will be firmly rooted as some type of super science technology, rather than simply some type of fantasy golem.
You can read more here and here


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