Kickstarter – The Play’s the Thing – A Shakespearean RPG

In my previous post I introduced a website called kickstarter that attempts to build funding on various creativity projects. In this post I’ll be looking at another project called The Play’s the Thing. The rpg puts the players in the role of Shakespearean actors, and the gamemaster in the role of the Playwright. The main conflict is between the various actors, and the playwright, to see their vision brought to life. To this end, the mechanics allow the actors to change the play in various ways. This idea is somewhat metafictional. After all, players in an rpg are acting (hopefully), and here they are playing actors. I’ve seen similar concepts in other rpgs where you can spend points to alter the story in different ways. The potential drawback is that this often requires quick thinking, and creativity, on the part of the gamemaster in response to plot changes. I’m not clear on the exact mechanics that will be used here, but it seems like an ambitious idea.
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