Arkham Horror

Okay so I’m gonna try my best at this and write a review,I dunno how much help I can be for most of you,but let’s give it a shot shall we? well I guess the best place to begin for me would be the first board game I’ve ever played,this is the first dice game I’ve been introduced too and wasn’t so sure of it at first since I’ve never been exposed to these games before I didn’t know what to expect,but was pretty surprised at how I enjoyed Arkham Horror! This game is mainly based on H.P. Lovecraft stories based on his fictional city of Arkham.
It takes place in the 1920′s at the height of the roaring 20′s with all the celebrations of the end of the war,but in the mist of all of this deep in the dark shadows lurks the horror of the dreaded Ancient Ones ,where they open portals from their worlds to overtake the city of Arkham, Massachusetts! There are 8 ancient ones and 8 different worlds you can be sucked into through a gate,depending on which ancient one is in play and his minions they all have different effects on you in the base game! There are currently 7 expansions in all,which adds more cards,investigator and ancient ones to the game play.
your basically roleplaying one of the 16 base investigator characters and take on their sanity, stamina, skills,and if they have any fixed items or spells to help you along the way. you move around the game board to each location to gather clues and have encounters with the local townsfolk. you first draw a mythos card and that tells you where a gate opens and a monster appears,and where clue tokens appear as well if the monsters move around the board. you have to try to kill as many monsters as you can before a certain amount of gates open to other worlds and monsters come out,depending on how many people are playing,when that number as been reached,you loose and the Ancient One wins the game. The most important thing to remember is this is a TEAM EFFORT and your all playing together to destroy the ancient one and his monsters before they make you insane and kill you!
when you encounter a monster you have to do a horror check to see if he takes away some of your sanity before you even fight it,then you have the actual combat and fight against him,sometimes you have ALOT of dice to roll! you exhaust your weapons to see how many dice you get plus your fight number,most times these monsters take away some of the dice. then you see how much damage it gives you and take that away from your stamina,depending on how much your max sanity and stamina you have you could end up in either the Arkham asylum or St.Mary’s Hospital and heel yourself. If you somehow die or get devoured you start again with a new investigator and lose all of your stuff!
Each time a gate opens a doom token is placed on the Ancient Ones doom track,when they are all filled the big boss comes out and you have to fight him,they are pretty fun to kill but they do take away some of your dice on their combat which kinda sucks! Now in order to seal and close a gate you have to go through it and explore the other world,in doing so you have encounters in there,when you come out you need 6 clue tokens to seal the gate,and we take a doom token off the doom track so it’s harder for the big boss to get out and kill us! If you do not have 6 clue tokens you can still go in there and close the gate,which just delays our ancient one from coming out!
To win the game the game all you have to do is close the gates,and kill the Ancient One until next time you visit Arkham! this is just a short version on the game and rules,but this is basically all you need to know and you will pick up the rest along the way :) this is my favorite game,and was pretty surprised with myself on how much I liked it!


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