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MineCon 2011 is Upon Us

For those of you who are fans of the Mojang Sensation Minecraft you may be interested to know that on November 18-19 they will be holding a convention in Vegas. Also if this isn’t enough among other activities, some yet to be announced, they are holding the official release of Minecraft at said conference. for more information you can go to

Mantic Games New TableTop

Any of you guys who are into TableTop Gaming such as Warhammer Fantasy or 40K may be interested to know that Mantic has released a new game. For a while now they have had Kings of War which in its most basic rules is very similar to Warhammer Fantasy, their new release WarPath is much more Sci-Fi Like 40K. I like the mantic games Stuff for two simple reasons, first the rules are simple, well laid out, and a free download for anyone and second because the minatures are a fraction of the cost of the competition. this makes the game, and Miniwargamming in general, much easier and cost effective to start-up and continue. they also promise a lot of change in their growing company including new races for both games as well as elaborate stories to add a background to them, not to mention full printed rulebooks with fluff like the competition but leaving the option for those who wish to still download. check them out at