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Bastion, 2d will live eternal.

Indie company supergiantgames has a team of seven people. These seven people have just released an XBL-Arcade game which enthralls and delights.
I am referring to Bastion, a top down action RPG with elements of choice sprinkled throughout. I’ll highlight some of its finer points.

The entire game is in hand painted 2D, its gorgeous. I am particularly biased in this area, I have not forgotten the glorious days of 2D art.
Story: I have only been playing it a short while, so this impression is somewhat limited. That being said, The story is told by a disembodied voice of a wizened Narrator. He comments on the actions you take, this makes you feel like you are creating a story rather than waltzing through one. The replay value must be high, because this narrator does a bang-up job of keeping you invested, interested, and intrigued.
Gameplay: Plenty of weapons to choose from, variety of different ways to customize them, and the combat is fast and fluid. Difficulty is customizable, the harder you make it the better the rewards. Challenges and optional missions available for all those inclined. The gameplay will keep you coming back.
Music: Enthralling, enchanting, enigmatic, and Extr4 Aw3s0mE! ^_^
If you enjoy the action rpg genre, or your just looking for a nostalgia fix, check it out. I don’t think you will regret it.

Battle Tag


I just acquired a beginner set of Battle Tag as a prize at a company party and figured it was worth mentioning. The game was created by Ubisoft and i think really captures the feel of a shooter. first off you need to be within 300 meters of a PC to play which is a small drawback but it has loads of game modes, as well as the ability to create your own, and uses small blocks as objectives, spawn points, ammo, and even med packs. it is great fun and you can play up to an eight player game although the total investment would be over $700 CAD so it is steep.

The mail is moving in canada… So I ordered a board game ^_^.

Shadows over Camelot
, It was brought to my attention by the kind folks at Penny-Arcade a few years back.
I like my games to have an element of intrigue, something that keeps you guessing. Shadows over Camelot is a co-operative game, yet one of the players may be a traitor.
There is something about betraying one’s allies, some deep seated need is quenched.
It should arrive in a week, I am excited.
Check back for clips of our first game session, and more strange musings of all varieties.

I Finally found IT!

Here it is, I just purchased a copy of HeroQuest a game released by Milton Bradley in 1989 in Europe with the help of Games Workshop. I had been looking for the game for a while and acquired it for a decent price and only missing a couple things ( one die, two figures and three spell cards ). The game is a dungeon crawler type game and was one of the first of its kind. The addition of place-able doors, traps, fallen stone, and furniture mean the board has many options to change and the ability to easily create your own scenarios. keep an eye here in the future as I will definitely have more about it as well as some content I plan to make myself.